4″ Thermoplastic Submersible Pumps with Stainless Steel End Bells

Pump Size: 4”
Flow Ratings: 5 GPM to 75 GPM
Maximum Head: Up to 1300 feet
Pump Rating : 0.5 HP to 20 HP
Liquid Temperature : +32 °F to +113 °F
Max. Sand Content: 50 ppm


  • Residential
  • Irrigation
  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Industrial


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► Abrasion-resistant construction. The front wear plate, combined with the floating impellers, ensures optimum
resistance to abrasion.
► The upper and lower supports are made of precision cast stainless steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion,
durability and a sturdy coupling to the motor.
► Stainless steel oversized pump shaft guarantees an effective impeller drive.
► A stainless steel non-return valve is fitted in the discharge to prevent any back flow of water and alleviate
any water hammer to the pump, thus safeguarding impellers & diffusers.
► These pumps can be coupled to either the 4” Oil Filled or 4” Water Filled motors.
► Units have left hand threads and are field serviceable with common tools and readily available repair parts.
► Face clearance, floating impeller stack has proven itself as a superior sand handling, durable pump design.
► Impellers, diffusers and bearing spiders are constructed of glass reinforced thermoplastic. They are
corrosion resistant and non-toxic.
► The proprietary, engineered polymer bearing material is strong and resistant to abrasion & wear. The enclosed
intermediate and upper bearing is mounted in a durable glass reinforced thermoplastic bearing spider for
excellent abrasion resistance.
► Easy access to motor mounting nuts using standard open end wrench.
► Stainless steel casing is strong and corrosion resistant.