Horizontal Multistage Booster Pumps

Flow Ratings : 5 to 33 GPM
Pump Rating: 1/3 HP to 3 HP
Liquid Temperature: 45°F to 150°F

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► Multistage centrifugal pump hydraulic design.
► Bowl Casing of Stainless Steel 304
► Impellers and Diffusers of Glass Reinforced Engineering Composite material.
► Impellers have no neck rings and are of floating design for continuous stable performance through the service life of the pump.
► Pump assembly enclosed by Stainless Steel 304 jacket for leak free and corrosion resistant service life.
► Available with Cast Iron suction and discharge head as standard construction. Also available with Stainless steel CF8 as optional.
► The simple pump construction allows for easy repair and maintenance.
► Pumps offer quiet and vibration free operation.
► Motors are suitable for single and three phase power supply in ODP construction. They are UL recognised for safety.


Pump end :
► Maximum allowable inlet suction side pressure: 80 PSI
► Liquid Temperature Range: 45 to 150 degree F
► Direction of Rotation: Anticlockwise when viewed from motor rear end.
► The pump is non self priming and foot valve is required for negative suction application.
Motor end :
► Motors are of Open Drip proof (ODP) fan ventilated construction
► Motors are suitable for 60 Hz, 115/230 v single phase or 230/460 v three phase power supply.
► Motors are UL recognised. Single phase motors have a built in with Auto reset thermal protector.
► TEFC motors are available on request.


  • As a pressure booster pump for water supply application in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Pressurised washing in residential, commercial and agriculture.
  • As a high pressure pump in Reverse Osmosis or filtration treatment for Water.
  • Industrial Mist and Spray cooling Systems.
  • Industrial cooling water circulation.