8″ Investment Cast Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Pump Size: 8”
Flow Ratings : 250, 375, 500 & 650 GPM
Maximum Head: Up to 2500 feet
Pump Rating: 15 HP to 125 HP
Liquid Temperature: 113°F
Max. Sand Content: 50 ppm

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► All pumps have been designed using computational fluid dynamics to ensure maximum efficiency.
► All pumps are designed using material which can work with sand found in the deep well.
► All journal bearing and impeller wear rings are made of nitrile rubber to ensure that performance of pumps remain the same over a longer period of time.
► All pumps are provided with upthrust bearing to control axial movement of the impeller assembly during transportation as well as start-ups.
► To prevent water hammer when the pump is stopped, all pumps are provided with a non-return valve.


  • Agriculture & Irrigation
  • Municipal water supply
  • Industrial water supply