3″ Deep Well Submersible Pumps (8000 RPM)

Pump Size: 3”
Flow Ratings : 5 to 40 GPM
Maximum Head: Up to 650 feet
Pump Rating: 1 HP & 2 HP
Liquid Temperature: 86°F
Delivery Connection: 1-1/4” NPT and 1-1/2” NPT Threaded

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► Ultra-high energy efficiency permanent magnet motor with built in frequency converter.
► Motor speed of 8000RPM provides higher performance from a small diameter pump with low number of stages.
► Extra light weight and slim pump for 3″ deep well as well as for restricted diameter 4″ deep wells.
► Smaller size of 3″deep wells considerably saves on time in drilling and overall cost of installation.
► Soft start Operation reduces starting current and offers a smooth start up increasing reliability and life of the pump.
► Wide voltage range of 140-280V, for 60 Hz or 50 Hz power supply.
► Built in Over voltage, Under voltage, Overload, Over temperature and Dry running protection.
► Good resistance against sand erosion due to special impeller material.
► Motor design is shielded without mechanical seal, providing long, maintenance free life.
► Force convection water cooling on the outside motor surface from the pumped water.
► Suitable for temperatures up to 55°C.


  • Residential
  • Small Irrigation